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recommended use

Magico is a specially designed unique Polyurethane (PU) product, which provides excellent durability for all interior & exterior surfaces. This is available in Metallic , Pearl and Opaque glossy & Matt Paint system. This is Ideal for topcoat with recommended primers (if required).It gives excellent durability for interior and exterior substrate when applied as per recommended procedure on Aluminum, GI, MS, SS, Tin, Brass, Copper, Glass, Electro Plated surface, Wood, MDF and Plastic substrates.

application guidelines

Direction for Use- (1) Surface Preparation: For fresh/new surfaces, clean the surface thoroughly with suitable emery paper. Keep the surface free from oil, grease, moisture, dust and dirt. (2) For pre-painted surfaces: Strip all the old paint and remove all the loose particles with suitable emery paper. Keep the surface free from oil, grease, moisture, dust and dirt before application. (3) Direction for application: Mix the paint base and hardener in ratio (B: H :: 4:1) and dilute it with Magico Thinner (for Spray 20-30%, for Brush 5-10%) and use this mixture within 3 hours. Precautions- (1) This is a two-component product. Ensure recommended mixing proportions of Base, Hardener and Thinner and apply within the specified pot life. Film properties to be checked after maturity of film varying from 3 to 7 days. (2) Use recommended SBL primer or sealer if required, final shade may slight vary with and without primer or sealer. Refer the application guideline for more information. (3) Suitable Preventive measures should be taken when temperature falls below 10°C or rises above 40°C and when Relative Humidity is above 85%. Coating supplier should be consulted for necessary action. (4) Spray and brush equipment should be immediately clean with solvent after application. (5) Proper method of substrate cleaning and pre-treatment is required before application. (6) Use the mixed paint within the stipulated pot life of thinned material. Avoid part mixing, and tightly close container lid after use. (7) The paint containers are required to be stored in cool, dry and covered condition, away from heat and ignition. Safety Guidelines- Care should be taken to avoid inhalation of spray mist or vapor as well as contact between the wet paint and exposed skin or eyes.


  • Specific Gravity0.98 ± 0.03
  • %NVM40 ± 2
  • Viscosity @ 30°C B4 Sec.55 ± 5
  • Type of HardenerAliphatic
  • % NVM of Hardener45 ± 2


  • % Thinner intake for spray application15-25
  • % Thinner intake for brush application5-10
  • Application Viscosity for spray application; Sec B420 ± 2
  • Application Viscosity for brush application; Sec B440 ± 10
  • Mixing Ratio (B : H )4 : 1


  • Surface Dry (minutes) 15-20
  • Tack Free (Hours)3-4
  • Hard DryOvernight
  • Forced Drying80°C / 30 Min.
  • Dry Film Thickness(DFT)20 – 30 µ
  • Adhesion0/25
  • Acid (0.1 N H2SO4) & Alkali (0.1 N Na OH) Test24 Hours
  • Acetone Rub(Nos.)50
  • Xylene Rub(Nos.)50
  • Flexibility (on MS substrate)6 mm
  • QUV500 Hours
  • SST on direct MS 100 Hours
  • SST Combine System (Primer , base coat and Clear Coat) 500 Hours


  • ColourSilver, Pearl, White Glossy & Matt
  • Packing1/4