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Thu 18/03/2021

Berger Bangladesh Launched Magico Advanced Antimicrobial PU Coatings

Berger Paints Bangladesh has recently launched a "Magico Antimicrobial PU Coating". Manufactured with a "unique silver ion technology", it helps to fight viruses, bacteria, and other contaminations, the company said in a press release.

"This is the first time any organisation in Bangladesh has brought a Polyurethene (PU) coating with antibicrobial properties, which has been formulated by SBL Specialty Coating Pvt of Berger Group," it added.

Coming in glossy and matt finishes, this product is designed for industrial and decorative coating on various surfaces, as a topcoat and provide long lasting protection from deadly viruses and germs, it said.

The product can kill up to 99 per cent of germs, such as bacteria, fungus, algae, protozoa viruses and many more, the press release added.

"Different industrial facilities (e.g. phramceuticals industries, food and beverage industries etc.) require a complete uncontaminated environment," said Mohsin Habib Chowdhury, senior general manager for sales and marketing.

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